Dancing in Synch and keeping there.

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Dancing in Synch and keeping there.

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So I was watching Das and Syd dance in synch today, and it looked good, a bit off sometimes, seemd to get better, worse, better, etc. and thought of a idea to keep re-synch later

so... say you have a dance script (using a short one for demo purposes).

Code: Select all

/delay 2500
/delay 4700
/delay 6000
/delay 14500

thats good but how do you get in synch, and stay there?

One of the dance troupe creates a script called synch that looks like this.

Code: Select all

/o 5
/delay 1000
/o 4
/delay 1000
/o 3
/delay 1000
/o 2
/delay 1000
/o 1
/delay 1000

This will send to org chat
the goal being that everyone would hit their dance macro at the same time as the SYNCH NOW appears.

and if its a seperate script, it can be run while your dancing to get back in synch since it doens't seem to conflict with your dancing. (at lest in my limited testing)

Anyway... hard fo rme to test since there aren't many of us male dancers out there... but i'd love it if some of you females could test it.


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