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 Post subject: So You Want To Be A GSP Dancer?
PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:43 pm 
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Dancer Rules and Regulations

First up, the Dancer Rules and Regulations. At GSP Dancers, we don't have a strict set of rules, but we do have attendance guidelines and a very definite code of conduct, and if you flaunt either of these too often - or even once to an extreme - you can and will be ejected from the Org/Cabal.

The one rule we DO have to hold applicants to is that they MUST be at least 18 to apply, even on AO. This is because GridStream itself is an adult rated radio station, and legally it is inappropriate for us to encourage minors to engage in activities in support of a station geared to a mature audience.

As a guideline, it is recommended that Dancers attend a minimum of 2 shows a week and one special event per month. Obviously real life is unpredictable, and this is not always possible, but if as a Dancer you are unable to attend shows for a period of time then please do contact Jezebelle and let her know why. Many people need to take a break occasionally for one reason or another and that's completely understood, but just going AWOL is unacceptable, as it's unfair on all the other Dancers that are making the effort and putting in the time to get to shows.

Our code of conduct: As Dancers we should always remember that we form part of the public face of GSP. Therefore any time that you are in the public eye in your role as a Dancer, you must avoid any behavior that could bring shame or censure on the Dancers or GridStream Productions as whole. While this most obviously applies when you are using your Dancer character in game and especially at shows, we ask that you behave appropriately whenever and wherever you could be seen to be representing the Org, for example on the GridStream forums, or - if you use your Dancer identity there - on the main FunCom forums. In particular Dancers are expected to avoid overt and crass sexual behavior - for some people there may be a fine line between flirting and outright cyboring, but for a Dancer it's a great big important line, and you are asked never to cross it in public.

While we have to be aware that our behavior reflects directly upon GridStream, it is still important to remember that being a GSP Dancer is not the same thing as being part of GSP itself. While the GSP Dancers Org and Cabal exist because of our great love for GridStream Productions and all they do, and while we do work closely with them, we are both separate Organisations with our own distinct aims, philosophy, leadership and members. People may cross from being a Dancer to a DJ and vice versa, but it is important to remember that as Dancers our first loyalty is to our own Organisation/Cabal. Finally, being a Dancer doesn't automatically give you carte blanche to take liberties with the DJs, or other Dancers. If you see Dancers and DJs being extremely familiar with each other, whether teasing, flirting, taunting, or winding each other up, then remember that for each and every individual involved this comes from a friendship and trust that has built up over time. You may develop this kind of relationship with the DJs and your fellow Dancers (hey, you may already have it!) but it's not something that is instantly and rightfully yours the moment you get a Dancer's nametag above your head. It has to be earned.

And that tag? That doesn't come just from a huge love of GSP and nothing more - although all Dancers are pretty much devoted. That too has to be earned.

So what does a Dancer actually do?

Obviously a huge part of your role as a Dancer will be a Social one. Dancers tend to live for - and sometimes permanently at - the party. As a Dancer, a big part of what you do will be to attend GSP events and once there to keep the party jumping. You'll spend your time making sure everyone there is happy and entertained, running contests and giveaways, making sure that anybody that needs one has a drink or some basic party clothes, respecting people's choice to speak in or out of character, and hopefully having a great time yourself talking, joking and laughing with the crowd. We aim to help create and maintain an atmosphere in which as many people present as possible can enjoy themselves in the way they wish, without spoiling the party for others. So while a lot of the time you will be hyping the party up, there may be times you need to be a diplomat, and calm down a situation or an individual. To be able to judge the atmosphere of a show and know how best to react, we advise that before you apply you come to as many GSP shows as possible and get to learn a bit about the DJs, the regulars, the sort of crowd that each DJ attracts, and overall what consists of a good night as far as they are concerned.

Some of our Secret World listeners are really into the role playing, some don't understand it at all, and some fall in between. Dancers are expected to go along with it, at least to the extent that they're not detracting from the listeners' experience. If the DJ has declared it an in-character role playing show, the Dancers are expected to role play at least enough to fit in and not bring up any out of context chatter without the ((OOC Parentheses)). You don't have to develop a full backstory or anything just to be too busy dancing on stage to chat much. Of course, if it's an out of context show, there's no need for any of that unless some of the listeners make it obvious they want to RP anyway. Then it's up to you how far you want to play along or just let them do their thing.

As a Dancer, there are also times that you will need to leave the party behind for a while, whether that's to go find a contest winner that's got lost on the way to collect their prize and guide them in; to be the target in a hide and seek contest; or to run round a few places and let people know there's a party going on. Yes, we all hate to miss even a second of a good show, but these things are an important and necessary part of being a Dancer, so we all have to take our turns doing them.

And beyond just partying, there is the matter of raising funds and gathering prizes for contests, primarily in AO, but it would be nice if we could work up to this in TSW too. While we do help out with GSP contests and will host contests for Organisations who are celebrating with a GSP event, we also hold (and fund) our own Dancer-led contests. Obviously not every Dancer has a fat bank account, a high level alt, or a stockpile of goodies stashed away they can draw upon - and nobody is saying that every credit you earn should go into Org funds - but we do ask that where possible and practical Dancers donate what they can to the Org bank, whether that's purely in terms of creds, or by going out and running the odd mission for prizes or marketable loot. (On that subject, while the Dancers is primarily a social rather than a leveling org, many of us do still play our characters and leveling is not at all discouraged - just as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to participate fully in your 2 shows a week.)

Finally, and most importantly: while we are at parties to have fun ourselves, and to make sure that the crowd in vicinity are having a good time, a Dancer is above all there for the DJ, to make sure everything at a show is going well for them. After all, if the DJ is having a good time, that usually results in a good show, and a good time for all the crowd and all the listeners out there. So above all else, as a Dancer you have to look to the needs of the DJ, whether that means answering questions on their behalf when they're busy; running errands for them when they can't leave their post; tracking down the song title for a particularly vague request; keeping an eye on Gridbot chat to make sure they don't miss any important messages; talking a new listener through the process of connecting to the stream; encouraging the DJ when they're getting to the end of a long set; or even just giving them space and peace to do their thing when they're deep in the zone! At the end of the day, we're helping the crowd be the best possible crowd a DJ could hope for, and helping the DJ be the best that they can for everybody, themselves included.

So that is the life of a GSP Dancer. Please remember, being a Dancer is not the only way to support GSP - there are many highly dedicated fans out there that do wonderful things for GridStream and are much appreciated for it, without ever being part of the Dancers. But for us, this is the best possible way we can show our love and support for GSP, and we have a great time doing it. If you think the same may be true for you, then please apply using the simple form below. If you're interested but still want to know more before applying, then come find one of us at your nearest GSP show, and we'd be happy to chat with you and tell you more about the wonderful world of the GSP Dancers!

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