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 Post subject: Valentine's Day 2013
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:33 am 
GSP Dancer
GSP Dancer

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The Valentine's Day event started today, and I know lovey gooey commercialized mush isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's the most cooperative and social event we get that doesn't involve actual combat and raiding, so I'd like to see a Dancers presence. If you're single and resent the emphasis on romance and dating, or not having "a Valentine" depresses you, just focus on my favorite part of the holiday: the lingerie. Valentine's Day is the biggest holiday of the year for lingerie. Whether you're shopping for things that will look great on you or admiring how it looks on someone else, what's not to like about that?
  • The Party: noon to midnight (Eastern) on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013, in The Grind
    I know The Grind is kind of a problem for some of you. It was murder on my previous graphics card, so I know what that's like. If you have a problem with The Grind, even with effects and view distance minimized, to the extent that the event won't be any fun for you, then by all means skip it. If you can put up with it for a little while, though, it would be good to at least drop by. Or maybe you could hang out with Adrienne in Borealis and tell people how to get to the party. That helps, too.
    I might throw together a couple prize packs, just in case, but I don't expect there to be enough of a turnout to warrant a big pile of prizes. Maybe some Miiir goodies, like Vulcana and Piratical and Miiir Suits, to just hand out to anyone who's lacking social.
  • The Missions: Adrienne Lefebvre in Borealis, by Backyard 6
    The missions are the same as last year, with the same prizes as last year. If you have some free time during this event and don't have anything better to do, come hang out with Adrienne and help people who haven't done the quests yet.
    1. Helping Others
      1. I will help the woman who is having issue with her past.
        Alison Graves sometimes bugs out and needs to be reset. When someone who has started this quest clicks her, she should open a conversation window and, after telling her story, summon three ghosts. They're pretty tough, but if you use (as a weapon or by right-clicking) the bow Adrienne gave you when you accepted the mission, two lowbies can take out all the ghosts before they kill Alison. That's one reason to hang out there, so you can start the mission, take the temporary bow, and help someone complete it. I don't think one lowbie can do this one alone. The permanent bow you get as a reward does not have this magic, so you have to start the quest again yourself to help, even if you already have the permanent bow. They're both unique, but different, so you can have one of each, at least until the magic one poofs.
        If Alison just says "Please help vanquish the memories that haunt me..." every time you try to talk to her, even though you have the mission, she's bugged again. It happens. GM Nirvelle said he'd keep an eye on her, but if there are no GMs around, please petition for them to come reset her. Even if you can't stay, all they have to do is read the petition and come give her a nudge.
      2. I would like to help the troubled married couple.
        The husband is hanging around outside the medical supply store on the other side of the Borealis subway. Talk to him and he'll give you a shopping list. It takes a bit of luck to get all the ingredients, so stock up if you find them and you can share them with people who didn't find them all. Then just bring him one of each and the list and he'll give you a box of chocolates.
        It's not like the chocolates you can get for free in the item shop claim, though. It's an everlasting box of nano-replicating exquisite chocolates. Right-click it to take one at random. Then right-click the chocolate to eat it. It doesn't have any buff effect, but it makes a pretty sparkle and says something cute in a floating message above your head. You can click the box again a minute later to get another, and both the chocolates and the box are tradable
        The items you need are:
        • 1 Mix Salad (any food vendor)
        • 1 Crab Surprise (any food vendor)
        • 1 Volcano - Rocket Lamp (furniture vendor - I have better luck in Newland, but the specialty shop furniture kiosks might have it too)
        • 1 Wooha! (bartenders in The Grind - if you can't stand going there, find me, and I'll give you a backpack full of them)
    2. Help yourself
      1. What did you say about a "Social Experiment?"
        Again, you can't do this yourself, at least not without logging an alt, so hanging around the NPC to help people who haven't done it yet is good. Adrienne will give you either a right half or a left half of a heart lantern. I think it's based on your CharacterID, so trying again will just get the same one. If you can find someone else with the other half, you can trade so that one of you has the whole heart. Then give the whole heart to Adrienne and she'll give it back, along with the half you were missing. Trade those back to the other person and they do the same and assemble the second one. They can now give you the first whole heart back and you each have a whole one.
        Once you have a whole heart, you can (every 20 minutes) start the mission with Adrienne, get the same half you always get, trade her the whole you already had, and get the whole back along with the other half. They're not unique, so you can collect as many as you want and hand them out right there to anyone doing the quest, so they end up with two and can pass along the extra to anyone else who needs it.
      2. I would like to learn more about the "RKMR."
        This is the one you can easily do by yourself, but takes a bit of running or flying. Go down the path East of Borealis to where the first RKMR Representative is waiting by the little pond. Listen to them talk about marriage ceremonies. They will then give you a waypoint to the next rep depending on your side, and that one directs you to a third. For Clan, they're in Bliss and West Athen. For Omni, somewhere in Rome and then Galway Castle. The reward is a self-deploying picnic table that is unique and reusable. Instead of dropping it on the ground, you right-click it to spawn a temporary picnic table at your location. You will also get an everlasting bouquet of flowers, which costs roughly 80k-200k credits from the Yuttos.
        You can collect those flowers by repeating this mission, to give away flowers, or you can give the flowers to Adrienne to get a random one of three Bed of Roses nanosprays.
  • Yuttos
    There are Yuttos named Qi Qiao Jie at the whompahs in Newland and Tir... and somewhere in Omni land, I'm sure. Probably Omni-Rec. They're selling the usual assortment of chocolates, mints, flowers, cake, and cards.
  • Item Shop
    According to the official posts, the item shop free item claims work differently this year. You can still get the same chocolates, mints, cake, and cards that the Yuttos are selling, but instead of 1 of each treat per character and 10 cards per account like last year, it's 1 of each per character, max 10 per account.

Anything makes sense when misinterpreted properly.

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