So What's Happening in the World of the GSP Dancers?

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So What's Happening in the World of the GSP Dancers?

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Some Congratulations are in Order!

Member News:
Since last I posted, Talidran and Eleanore69 have both received promotions. Talidraan is our Personnel Officer and Eleanore69 reports directly to him. Both Tali and El have excelled in these roles since being promoted. Both of them have a keen insight that I rely on when choosing new members and have offered me wise advice when I've needed it.

As to the new members, I am afraid to try and list all the new members in the 2 years since my last news post because I'm sure I'm going to leave someone out. Therefore to make it easier, you can see all of the members by clicking on the "Dancers" link to the left of this post. Get to know all of our names, both new and old, and be sure to add us to your friends list. You never know when you might need a Dancers' assistance. :)

Wedding Bells:
Bratitude has married DJ Ickk!

Acazza has married Robotsarebad!

We send our warmest congratulations out to all!

Site News:

We have added a new Dance Script section to the site which you can find here. We'll try to keep it updated with scripts we enjoy and hope you will too!

If you're new to our forums, you'll need to be registered and activated in order to post. In order to speed up that process then you can PM me either at or send me an email at I'll hook you up as soon as I see it. :)

Now a mea culpa. I promised that I would keep this page more updated. I have to admit though that I have done a terrible job at that. So I assure you that I'm going to be putting my best foot forward rectifying that situation. From now on when we have news, you'll see it here. As it stands, this is a short news post mainly because I've been so terrible at keeping up that I'm sure I'm leaving 100 things out that I've forgotten to report earlier. For that I can only say that I am sorry.

Ok, that's it for the catch-up news. Talk to you soon! Promise!!
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